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Klingon Supreme Commander Kharn

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Captain’s Log – May 20th, 2016

| Captain's Log | 10 Comments

Friday, May 20th, 2016 WHAT A NIGHT!  And the answer to everyone’s question was I…

The Pilot

Captain’s Log – May 14-15th, 2016

| Captain's Log | One Comment

This weekend was the weekend of Sci Fest!  Sci Fest is the Los Angeles Science…


Captain’s Log – May 9-10th, 2016

| Captain's Log | 25 Comments

Monday – Tuesday, May 9-10th, 2016 Monday we went to court for a scheduling conference. …

No calls

Captain’s Log – May 6-8th, 2016

| Captain's Log | 17 Comments

Friday – Sunday, May 6-8th, 2016 Why have no other Star Trek Fan Films gotten…


PATCHES… the Definitive Word

| Ares Studio, Blog, Donors & Fulfillment | 10 Comments

Axanar Production’s Diana Kingsbury patches up the confusion about patches and other perks related to last year’s Indiegogo campaign.


March(ing) Orders: Update!

| Donors & Fulfillment | 2 Comments

The big bossman said it was time for an update, so–even though there isn’t any…


Sweet Love for Axanar

| Donors & Fulfillment, Story | 7 Comments

Axanar may have temporarily halted production (while we wait for the legal team to work…


No News is… No News!

| Donors & Fulfillment | 14 Comments

Not that anyone out there is probably overly-worried I’ve fallen off the face of the earth,…

Cover 3

Fan Film Friday – The Realities of Crowd-Funding, part 4

| Blog, Fan Films | No Comments

Last time: we continued our in-depth discussion of crowd-funding with Alec Peters (Axanar executive producer)…


Axanar Productions Answers Amended Complaint, Files Counterclaim

| Blog | 13 Comments

Axanar Productions official statement regarding the answer to the amended complaint and counterclaim filed in the copyright infringement lawsuit with CBS Studios and Paramount Pictures Corporation.

Law and Order - Star Trek

We should be FANS, not lawyers

| Blog | 14 Comments

JJ Abrams and Justin Lin have every reason to think like lawyers. After all, they…


JJ Abrams Announces that Paramount to Drop Lawsuit!

| CBS/Paramount Lawsuit | 29 Comments

As many of you may have heard, on Friday night, JJ Abrams announced at the…