The Production Team

Alec Peters

Creator, Executive Producer, Co-Writer

The leader and visionary of the Axanar project, Alec is the epitome of someone who discovers their calling and succeeds in pursuing it. An attorney by training, Alec coached an NCAA Championship volleyball team at USC and with the US National team, then struck off and started five companies earning him an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2003. Alec has written the “Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Blog” ( since 2006, which is the #1 website for information on collecting screen used Star Trek props & costumes. In 2008 he created Propworx, which held the Battlestar Galactica Prop Auctions, considered by many the finest prop & costume auctions ever.

The driving force behind Axanar, Alec’s passion for Star Trek has made Axanar a fan favorite. Alec serves as writer, producer and actor. Alec first appeared as Garth of Izar in the Star Trek Phase II episode “Origins”. “Axanar”, will explore the legend of the man who Captain Kirk considered his personal hero.

Robert Meyer Burnett

Director, Editor

Robert is best known for editing, co-writing and directing the award-winning cult favorite FREE ENTERPRISE, starring Emmy winners Eric McCormack and William Shatner. He was also a producer on MGM’s AGENT CODY BANKS and its sequel, AGENT CODY BANKS 2: DESTINATION LONDON. He developed and produced the horror feature THE HILLS RUN RED for Warner Premiere and Joel Silver’s Dark Castle Entertainment. For television,he edited and directed five episodes of the HBO/Cinemax series FEMME FATALES. Additionally, he was also a content producer for DVD and Blu Ray, creating Special Features for such titles as THE USUAL SUSPECTS, SPIDER-MAN, X-MEN, X2, THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, THE TWO TOWERS, THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE, SUPERMAN RETURNS and most recently, the two-time Saturn Award-winning STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION Blu-Ray season sets.

Diana Kingsbury

Co-Producer, Director of Fulfillment

Diana comes to Team Axanar as an admitted geek girl, with a lifelong love of science fiction, as well as all things “girly”. With an underused Journalism/Radio-TV degree under her belt, she brings a serious love of words, ideas, and visions to the table (plus mad skills with a red editing pen, whenever needed), along with two decades of entrepreneurial experience, during which she co-owned several different successful businesses in multiple states. Combined with a positive, upbeat attitude and huge smile, she is all about the “can-do” spirit… and has the history to back it up.

Alexander Bornstein


Alexander is a composer currently based in Los Angeles. His music has been heard on television (Showtime Network, Logo), independent feature films/documentaries in the festival circuit, and concert halls around the U.S. His work has brought him through major music studios including Remote Control Productions and Sonic Fuel Studios. Alexander is also a graduate of New York University’s music composition program. Before this, he studied music and filmmaking at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

Alex is a huge Star Trek fan. And Alec Peters had this to say: “I guarantee you that one day Alex will win an Academy Award. He is clearly one of the next great Hollywood composers”.

Bing Bailey

Digital Technician

Bing Bailey is an award winning European filmmaker who served as digital colorist and post production consultant on Prelude to Axanar. His creativity and craftsmanship has been noted by critics from The Irish Times to Aint it Cool News. Whether part of a creative team or directing original material, he has produced great work on budget and without sacrificing quality.

In addition to his work on Axanar, Bing has written, produced, and directed two feature films, several short films, TV pilots and music videos in Europe, Canada and the United States. His original feature “Portrait of a Zombie/About a Zombie (US Titles)” has been acquired for distribution in UK & Ireland (Studio Canal), US & Canada (Revolver), Japan (Ayo) , Germany & Austria (Rose Media). Bing’s fondness for Star Trek stems from the series’ ingenuity and its dedication to social justice.

Bing hopes projects like Axanar can keep the torch burning for present and future generations to enjoy.

Bill Hunt


Bill Hunt studied film at the University of Wisconsin-Madison under the legendary David Bordwell. He’s directed commercial video projects for 3M, the NFL, the Minnesota Twins, Upper Deck, FMC, the Saint Paul Company, and Koch Industries. In 1997, he founded The Digital cover the advent of DVD, and has become an influential industry analyst and consultant, advising consumers, the studios, and electronics manufacturers through two format wars. Hunt has written and edited thousands of film reviews, columns and articles (both online and print) on film, Blu-ray/DVD, and science-related issues. He’s the co-author of McGraw-Hill’s “The Digital Bits Insider’s Guide to DVD”. Hunt’s also written numerous screenplays, has developed and pitched a variety of TV and documentary projects, and his first novel is due be published in 2016. He lives in Southern California with his wife, Sarah.

Michael Spatola

Makeup Department Head

Mike Spatola is a make-up artist with over 35 years professional experience. Although he’s flown under the radar for most of his career, he’s actually been nominated by his peers TWICE for Outstanding Individual Achievement In Make-up EMMY Awards, and TWICE for Best Make-up Cable ACE Awards.

Mike’s worked on all types of budgets and films from “Return of the Living Dead” to “Stargate” to “Terminator 2” to “Iron Man 3” and is probably best known for being the Make-up Effects Supervisor for a few seasons of HBO’s “Tales From The Crypt.” More recently, Mike has been the Makeup/FX Department Head on the most funded Horror/Sci-Fi film on Kickstarter, Harninger Down, and the upcoming Yellow Feather (also the most funded Kickstarter in it’s genre).

Mike is author of the popular Monstrous Makeup Manual series, the 2 most illustrated books on prosthetic and fx makeup out there, as well as the 3 textbooks for Cinema Makeup School, where he serves as the Chief Academic Officer and lead instructor.

Frank Serafine

Senior Sound Editor

Frank Serafine is an award-winning American sound effects designer, sound supervisor, composer, and sound editor who created the sounds for hundreds of movies including Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Tron and The Hunt for Red October which won an Academy Award for Best Effects, Sound Effects Editing. He also was sound designer for several video games including Tron and Grand Theft Auto and the Senior Sound Designer for the recent Marvel Avengers STATION museum exhibit.

Frank’s legacy with Star Trek extends back to his first job in Hollywood, working with the late Robert Wise as the sound effects creator for Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

OSCAR winner

Adam Howard

Visual Effects Supervisor

Adam Howard is a pioneer in the visual effects industry. A winner of 4 Primetime Emmy Awards, having received 9 nominations, Adam’s career spans 35 years, Supervising and creating high end visual effects, animation and design work for the motion picture and television industry in both the USA and Australia. Adam has also won 11 International Monitor Awards and has been honored twice by the AICP for visual effects and animation.

Adam was senior visual effects compositing supervisor for the Academy Award nominated visual effects and animation in the Michael Bay film Armageddon. He was Senior VFX Supervisor on The Harry Potter Ride Attraction For Universal Studios and most recently supervised visual effects for Unknown, The Social Network, Twilight: Breaking Dawn I & II, Tower Heist, Last Vegas, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, Selfless, and Birdman. Adam has also worked on Titanic, Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest, Star Wars Episode 3 – Revenge of the Sith, Master & Commander, War of the Worlds, Mission Impossible 3, Ghosts of the Abyss and Star Trek First Contact.

EMMY winner EMMY winner EMMY winner EMMY winner