Captain’s Log – April 21, 2015

Dean Bridge

Captain Dean

New Construction Coordinator Dean Newberry is back from his trip to Ticonderoga, NY, and the sets of Star Trek: New Voyages, where he took gazillions of photos and measured every single inch.  James Cawley was a gracious host and Dean is ready to start knocking out the bridge structure again!  Ironically Curtis Laseter had to take a job with a major feature, so he will be gone for at least a few months and so Dean got promoted.  Curtis felt that was a no brainer as he was so impressed with Dean.  And with the knowledge he has gained from James, there is little doubt we will have a first class set.

CD 3

We are almost ready to go to press with the Prelude to Axanar soundtrack CD.  Ron Gamble, who designed the DVD/Blu-ray case is designing the CD case.  Diana has sourced a great printer.  It will be as professional looking as anything out there.  If you haven’t donated for one, you can get it, as well as a DVD or Blu-ray, go to the Axanar website and donate!