Captain’s Log – June 14, 2015

Well, no rest for Starfleet HQ!  A day after our first incredibly successful shoot, Diana and I are both working away on answering email and getting work done.  We did our Sunday 2 hour round trip walk to our favorite brunch place and talked about the next Kickstarter at length.

One thing we decided was that Diana would start writing a fulfillment blog to keep people informed, give a behind the scenes look at how the process works and more.


You can see her first post here:


And follow all Diana’s fulfillment blogs as she posts them!

Plus, we now can show you photos of the limited edition First Day of Production Clapper!  8 of these beauties will be available to donors in the next Kickstarter!

Clapper Front

The front of the Clapper with Scene # and Take #.

Clapper Back

The back of the Clapper with autographs and the person’s position.


Each clapper comes with its own photo showing that clapper being used!


Stay tuned for more info!



  • Paul Janssens says:

    NICE !!! If I were a rich man … I’d get me one of those clappers … But I’m happy already just watching the behind-the-scenes pictures 🙂

  • Edward Cox says:

    Thought I
    d comment on how striking that pose is for both… Looking forward to more images. Make sure someone is shooting behind the scenes during production as a bonus..

  • T'Mar says:

    Hoy hoy. It’s me again T’Mar haha. When do U go to kickstarter?