Captain’s Log – March 10th, 2017

Friday, March 10th, 2017

So where does Garth sleep?  Well, in 2015, before the lawsuit, Dean Newberry and his crew had built out an amazing set for Garth’s quarters. Since it has been over a year since then, we thought it would be good to remind everyone of the breadth of sets we had made.  These sets were amazing, and are now in storage.  Hopefully, we will get to set them up again soon!

And it was YOUR support that made these sets happen!  Thank you!






  • EJCox says:

    Good sets but are these very narrow use sets cost effective? ( will they get enough use for money expended)

  • Roebrt says:

    Reminds me of the Captain’s quarters from ST VI. I like that aesthetic.

  • Amil S. Boddie-Willis says:

    A shame we won’t get to see more of these scenes in the actual film – So much frustration with CBS *smdh* Worse than that, Leslie Moonves is just so delusional about the possible success of the new show that’s coming some day, maybe… *eye-roll*

  • Daniel Mackenzie Satterfield says:

    I been an trekkie since I was a little boy back in Pennsylvania and I’m 31 years ago and when I saw the prelude of this film I really looking forward of watching this film. It would’ve been an interesting film for us trekkers. I’m big star trek fan personally I love the digital remastered episodes of the classic Star Trek. I like old Captain James T. Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Montgomery Scott, Pavel Chekov, Sulu and Bones.
    I love watching them all the time.

  • mike says:

    So with the lawsuit over and everything cleared up, I read the new “rules” behind fan production guidelines and i was interested to know, if that means your not allowed to use anything purchased before the settlement date. It seems if you built all these sets and the building etc… etc… and your only limited to a $50.000.00 production budget. Are you starting from the beginning more or less? regardless great work !

    • Alec Peters says:

      That’s not what the guidelines state. You can only RAISE $ 50,000 in a public fundraising. The budget can be whatever you want. And we have certain exemptions through our settlement. We will be doing a PRIVATE fund raising campaign in a few months once the scripts are set budgeted.


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