Donor FAQ

Below you will find a growing list of answers to some of the many questions that we’re routinely asked.

Be sure to join the Axanar Fan Group and stay abreast of the latest information! You can also find many of the answers to common and important questions in the email updates that are sent directly to the inboxes of our donors through Kickstarter.

And most importantly, check in regularly with the Axanar Productions website.

Please know that the Axanar Donors Group is a secret group that is accessible only by direct invitation of the production — you cannot even see that it exists at all without an invitation to the group by the production team. If you have donated at least $10 to either the Prelude to Axanar or feature fundraisers, and have not received your invitation for the group at the email address that you used with your donation, then please email and he’ll revolve that without delay!

General Questions

Donor FAQ

Q:  Will there be another funding campaign to support the production of AXANAR?

A:   Yes, but the campaign will be run privately through our Axanar donors list.

Q:  Okay, so how can I help? I really wanna see the story of AXANAR!

A:  For more information, please click on the “Join the Mission!” button on the Home Page.

Q:  How do I know what’s happening with the project?

A:  All supporters of Axanar who made donations should have multiple points of contact with the project:

  1. You should be on our email list to receive the donor newsletter and updates;
  2. If you aren’t already a member of our Facebook Axanar Fan Group and Donors Group pages, those are available for you to join; and
  3. We periodically post on the Axanar Productions website, via our popular “Captain’s Log” (for all sorts of news) and “Fulfillment Blog” (for news specifically relating to the delivery of various “rewards” available to donors as thanks for their monetary support).


Q:  Where can I keep track of my donation(s), and make sure you have my current shipping address and contact info?

A:  Our digital delivery and online donor accounts system, known as Ares Digital 2.0, may be accessed by going to the following:

Note that anyone who has made a monetary donation to the project should have an account there, ready and waiting. (If not, or if you encounter any issues accessing your account, changing your address, etc., please send an SOS email to so that we can help!)