Donor FAQ

Below you will find a growing list of answers to some of the many questions that we’re routinely asked, but you will find the most comprehensive answers in our official FAQ/Q&A threads on the Axanar Fan Group and the Axanar Donors Group on Facebook.

Be sure to join the Axanar Fan Group and stay abreast of the latest information! You can also find many of the answers to common and important questions in the email updates that are sent directly to the inboxes of our donors through Kickstarter.

Please know that the Axanar Donors Group is a secret group that is accessible only by direct invitation of the production — you cannot even see that it exists at all without an invitation to the group by the production team. If you have donated at least $10 to either the Prelude to Axanar or feature fundraisers, and have not received your invitation for the group at the email address that you used with your donation, then please email and he’ll revolve that without delay!

General Questions

Q: I missed donating to the Axanar Kickstarter.  Can I still donate?

A: Yes!

The Axanar Indiegogo campaign, for the feature film production, is going on now!  You can donate at:


Q: Can I still get a DVD or Blu-Ray of Prelude to Axanar?

A: Absolutely, and we’ve made the soundtrack CD, and DVD and Blu-ray levels from the Prelude to Axanar fundraiser available by donating for a Retroactive Donor Package.

Q: Why the second fundraiser for Axanar?

A:  The first Axanar Kickstarter went for funding the acquisition and build-out of the new facility and sound stage, including set production and other pre-production costs.  The second campaign is for the actual cost of producing “Axanar” and ongoing studio costs.  Details are on the Indiegogo campaign.

Q: How do I know what’s happening with the project? I’ve donated, but haven’t heard anything/don’t know what’s going on.

A: First, you should soon receive an email confirmation of your donation when you made your donation. Once you’ve receive such an email, you’ll know that we’ve received your donation (thank you!), and will immediately begin putting the funds to work on the project! Gradually, you’ll receive other emails from us, including invitations to our exclusive Axanar Donors Group on Facebook, info about our Donors-Only “store”, and a link to the Ares Digital checkout system. In addition, there are daily updates on the Captain’s Log on our website and regular fulfillment updates through Diana Kingsbury’s Fulfillment Blog.

Prelude to Axanar Kickstarter

Q: I donated to the March, 2014, Prelude to Axanar Kickstarter.  When will my perks arrive?

A: With the exception of Tunics, almost all packages were shipped out already.

BackerKit, the system that we used for checkout of Kickstarter and PayPal donors, did not collect shipping addresses from some folks, and some donors moved and did not update their info and so we have gotten a bunch of packages returned.  If you have questions on your specific perk shipment then please contact our Director of Donor relations Diana Kingsbury, at for more information.

Q: When will the digital download for Prelude to Axanar be available to donors?

A: All digital downloads are available on Ares Digital.  For more information on Ares Digital, check out that section of the FAQ below.

Axanar Feature Kickstarter

Q: Are you shipping perks for the feature film’s fundraiser that ended in August of 2014?

A:  Axanar will not be released until late 2016, at the earliest, so Soundtrack CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays won’t ship till after the film has been completed and released. We will be using Ares Digital again for the feature round.

Q: How do I change my address?

A: In Ares Digital you will have the chance to change your address. If you need any assistance with Ares Digital, please contact

Q: Can I upgrade my donation that was made to the feature’s fundraiser?

A: No.

Q: Why is my name not listed on the Donor Page?

A: Because, as noted, we have only had time to post the Prelude donor names so far.  Once the donor list from the feature fundraiser, including PayPal donors, has been finalized then we will get to this, which will likely be after the Ares Digital process has begun for the feature’s first fundraiser.