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Wonderful news for Team Axanar, it looks like we’ll have an official panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con! In 2014, we premiered Prelude To Axanar during SDCC and we are tickled pink to be able to present to attendees this year.


Alec Peters moderating a panel at last year’s SDCC

Diana posted that she’d be assembling a little Away Team and assigning them an important mission. So, if you’ve already made plans to attend SDCC, and would like to do some volunteering for Axanar on Thursday and Friday, send her an email (diana@axanarproductions.com) ASAP.



When: TBA

Where:  TBA

Who: Alec Peters, Gary Graham, Richard Hatch, and Rob Burnett are confirmed as panelists, with more surprise names coming soon.

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