Support the Studio You built!

Yesterday we launched an Indeigogo campaign to keep open the studio you all built as part of your donations to Axanar.  Our vision is more than just Axanar, but to make Industry Studios a place where all film makers can come and make their projects come to life.

When the CBS lawsuit hit, we had to shut down production on Axanar for the over 13 months till we settled.  So ultimately the lawsuit cost donors over $ 200,000 in lost rent/utilities.  And we don’t want to lose the almost $ 300,000 we have invested in this facility in improvements to make it a functioning sound stage.  If the lawsuit had never be filed, Axanar would have been finished last year and the investment would have been well worth it.  But now we are trying to turn lemons into lemonade and make the facility a place that helps student, fan film and independent film makers.  Won’t you help?

Check out our Indiegogo campaign here:


And please donate whatever you can spare!



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  • Brian Heite says:

    Well call me a “Greedy Bastard”. I support your efforts, and see this as an excellent way to continue Axanar and to share all the learnings and experience that was so painfully acquired. If I ever get the money, I am going for Executive, and want an office…not that I ever have time to be there, I would love too, but a small cleaning closet will work…or the hot water heater..I’m not too proud…LLAP!